Call for Papers

2021 International Conference on Control, Automation and Intelligent Computing (CAIC2021) is an excellent forum for people who have certain research in this filed. Prospective authors are cordially invited to participate this conference by submitting papers to us. There are some related topics for reference. Topics for submission include, but not limited to:

Topic 1: Control
Control of Biological Systems
Precision Motion Control
Control Applications
Control Engineering Education
Industrial Process Control
Automated Guided Vehicles
Control Theory and Applications Optoelectronics
Instruments and Vibration Control
Intelligent and AI Based Control
Material Processing and Control
Process Control & Instrumentation
Sensor Networks and Networked Control
Adaptive Control
Robust Control
Process Control
Networked Control Systems
Complex Systems
Co-operative Control
Precision Motion Control
Identification and Estimation
Fault Detection

Topic: 2: Automation
Factory Modeling and Automation
Process Automation
Intelligent Automation
Home, Laboratory and Service Automation
Manufacturing Control and Automation Engineering
Man-machine Interactions
Factory Modeling and Simulation
Nano-scale Automation and Assembly
Instrumentation Systems
Network-based Systems
Planning, Scheduling and Coordination
Biomedical Instrumentation and Applications
Discrete Event Systems
Hybrid Systems
Delay Systems
Nonlinear Systems
Intelligent Systems
Real-time Systems
Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Fuzzy Systems
Modeling of Complex Systems

Topic 3: Intelligent Computing
Algorithms and Theories
Artificial Intelligence
Internet & Cloud Computing
Web and Internet Computing
Bioinformatics Algorithms & Databases Biostatistics
Nature Inspired Computing and Optimization
Computational Neuroscience
Evolutionary Computation and Learning
Big Data Processing in Biology
Genetic Algorithms
Evolutionary Computation and Control
Optimization Algorithms
Soft Computing
Software Agents for Intelligent Control Systems
Neural Networks based Control Systems
Robotics and Automation
Network Robotics
Robot Design, Development and Control
Control and Supervision Systems
Vehicle Control Applications
Human-Robots Interfaces

Other Related Topics